Case Study: Linda


Linda was involved in a serious accident. She was knocked down by a van which resulted in multiple injuries, including a fractured pelvis and elbow, small brain haemorrhage and a skull fracture. She was unconscious on admission to hospital.  Her injuries were so significant the orthopaedic team advised that she would not be able to put any weight through either of her legs or one arm for at least 8 weeks whilst the damage to her pelvis and arm was recovering.

Initially Linda was taken to intensive care and then onto an orthopaedic ward while  medically recovering from her injuries. Whilst Linda was on the orthopaedic ward she was reviewed by a member of the Specialist Rehabilitation Network Team, who spoke to Linda about the Rehabilitation Pathway, which she may benefit from. 

Following a short stay on an Intermediate Care Unit, Linda was transferred to one of the Network's Spoke Rehabilitation Unit to continue her rehabilitation journey. Linda spent over 10 weeks on the Unit, working with all members of the specialist team, working on walking, personal care tasks such as washing and dressing. Linda also worked with the dietician and nursing staff around wound healing and psychologists worked with Linda on her unpleasant memories surrounding her accident. Linda also attended mindfulness groups supported by the psychologists who helped with issues around anxiety and pain management.

Linda states “When I arrived on the Unit I couldn’t walk and was anxious about the future. The staff at the Unit were totally committed and the care I received was tailored to my personal needs.   The level of support I received was holistic in the true sense and meaning of the word.  The Physiotherapy team worked alongside Occupational Therapists and gently and carefully eased me into a belief in my ability to walk again and look after myself.  My physical injuries were nursed and my entire well-being was encouraged with the use of tailored relaxation techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, foot and hand massage.  The resident counsellor skilfully gave me the opportunity to face up to my situation and to embrace the healing process.  The goal setting meetings with the whole team included the patient and was incredibly empowering”.

The Team changed my life by inspiring a belief in myself and raising my self-esteem.  I found other patients helped my recovery because we developed a comradery and sense of humour, we shared some group activities such as mindfulness and relaxation, discussion groups and personal quiet time talking and sharing of our life stories.  The Unit came as a total surprise to me, I had no idea the NHS was being so innovative in their approach to healing and wellbeing.  To me, it felt as though I was given a gift.  At the end of the day, the gift is my life handed back to me and the knowledge that I can make a full recovery.  This to me means the ability to thoroughly enjoy my grandchildren, to walk my dog in the park, to take care of all of my personal needs and, not least, to return to my passion, my creative world of painting amd photography".  

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