The Rehabilitation Network was established in January 2013 and is the first in the UK to provide a whole systems model of specialist rehabilitation care across hospital and community for patients following traumatic injury or illness.

We aim to ensure patients receive timely access to the appropriate level of rehabilitation based on their rehabilitation needs.  We have dedicated interdisciplinary teams within each level of rehabilitation care, across the hub hyper acute and complex rehabilitation units, spoke units and community services.     

We offer an evidence-based, multidisciplinary approach to specialist rehabilitation.  Rehabilitation programmes are individual or group based treatment, based on patient centered goals to support effective discharge home or transfer of care.  

We provide a range of specialist therapies to help patients in their recovery and rehabilitation, working alongside dedicated medical and nursing staff.  These therapies include Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Dietetics, Neuro and Clinical Psychology and Neuro Psychiatry.  

We use and evaluate network and national research whilst auditing and assessing our own interventions to ensure a high standard of appropriate, up to date, effective and evidence based care.  We are committed to service development and we actively encourage participation in research and take an innovative approach to clinical practice.  

We have developed a multi-disciplinary training and education programme to support the development and retention of a high calibre, flexible workforce with specialist rehabilitation expertise.