Quality Improvement Event 2021/22

The Cheshire and Merseyside Rehabilitation Network (CMRN) Quality Group held its third quality improvement event on 28th April.

These events are to share information about the quality improvement projects that have been implemented locally within our hub, spoke, extended and community specialist rehabilitation services to support operational and clinical improvement and patient and staff experience.

It is important to celebrate quality improvement and staff’s commitment to continuously improving specialist rehabilitation care, especially throughout the most challenging years for the health care sector. The CMRN is keen to share learning and collaborate regionally and over 40 people attended, including staff working across the CMRN pathway as well as those from regional stroke, brain injuries, critical care and major trauma services.

The programme included a variety of quality improvement initiatives. We asked participants to vote for their favourite presentation.


Winning Presentation: Parenting after a brain injury– presented by Abbie Hayes, Occupational Therapist, WCFT Community Specialist Rehabilitation service (Locality 2) 


2nd Place: Evaluating the need of psychoeducation for patients with an ABI– presented by Rosie Austin, Assistant Psychologist, WCFT Community Specialist Rehabilitation service (Locality 1)


3rd Place: Rehabilitation outcomes following COVID-19– presented by Mike Jones, Physiotherapist and Emma Reilly, Team Lead Physiotherapist, LUHFT Broadgreen Spoke Unit


Blended student placements in complex rehabilitation– presented by Rachel Morton, Physiotherapist and Nicola Branscombe, WCFT Hub and Spoke Units 


24 Hour ethos in rehabilitation via an ICF Model of Care– presented by Lewis Porter, Physiotherapist and Emma Reilly, Team Lead Physiotherapist, LUHFT Broadgreen Spoke Unit


Management of UTI in a level 2 spoke rehabilitation unit– presented by Jessy Sabu, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, LUHFT Broadgreen Spoke Unit


The development of VERA (Virtual Environmental Rehabilitation Assistant)– presented by Jo Haworth, Occupational Therapist, WCFT Hub and Spoke Units 


A review of the seating position in the rehabilitation setting– presented by Megan Kerr, Occupational Therapist and Jan McHarg, Occupational Therapist, LUHFT Broadgreen Spoke Unit


Book Launch with Elsevier– A Practical Approach to Interdisciplinary Complex Rehabilitation – presented by Dr Cara Pelser, Clinical Psychologist, WCFT Community Specialist Rehabilitation service (Locality 1)



Staff awards - Living Our Values Awards 2021/22

Every year we highlight, honour and celebrate individuals across our rehabilitation services who have been nominated by their colleagues.

Inspired by our vision to provide high quality specialist rehabilitation care across a coordinated pathway – our ‘Living Our Values Awards’ recognises staff from all areas of the network.

The six categories are: Working Together, Compassion and Empathy, Empowerment, Honesty and Trust, Respect and Dignity, and Quality Care.

2021/22 winners:

Working Together Award Winner: the HCA Team at Oak Vale Gardens Extended Unit (The Priory) for their relentless compassion and resilience throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. Staff have picked up shifts to cover colleagues who had tested positive, as well as working extremely hard to keep patients safe and when the unit has been closed to visitors and doing everything possible to help people to stay in touch with their families and provide additional support and activities to make up for the loss of visitors.

Compassion and Empathy Award Winner: Lisa Barklin, Speech and Language Therapist at St Helens Hospital Spoke Unit. Lisa has supported her team through an incredibly difficult 2 years with significant staffing issues, demonstrating her passion for supporting both staff and patients she has been a role model for leadership with integrity, honesty and empathy for everyone and patients frequently comment about her level of compassion and her thoughtfulness that go beyond her job role.

Empowerment Award Winner: the CMRN Data and Performance Team for working tirelessly behind the scenes ensuring that the Rehab Network fulfils all of its mandated performance, activity and outcome data requirements for commissioners, CMRN Board and UKROC. The team have extended their role to directly share network and service level data with teams to inform and support clinical practice and despite the increasing demands and frequently challenging deadlines the team remain positive, proactive and responsive to ensure that the data is aligned and reflective of network wide service delivery and performance.

Honesty and Trust Award Winner: Dr David Mackarel, Dr Adam Boardman, Dr Leela Reddy and Dr Maria Bushra at WCFT Hub and Spoke Units for their support to the Rehabilitation coordination Team to ensure patients with increasing medical complexities could be assessed appropriately and timely, linking in with other specialities if required to ensure optimum medical management on admission.

Respect and Dignity Award Winner: Ricahrd Adams, Team Leader Physiotherapist at Clatterbridge Spoke Unit (WUHT). A number of patients have fedback on how Richard’s calm approach and ability to explain why a particular treatment is being applied makes them feel valued and gives them the knowledge and confidence to push themselves further in their therapy sessions.  

Quality Care Award Winner: Carole Jackman, HCA at St Helens Hospital Spoke Unit for the dedication, diligence and passion she applies to her role as Infection Control Link Nurse, supporting staff in guidance and education.



What did participants tell us about the event?

Q. Overall, how informative did you find today’s event?

Excellent 53%

Good 47%

Average 0%

Below Average 0%

Poor 0%


Q. Why have you joined todays event?

To hear about a particular project/s 39%

To learn more about the CMRN 56%

I was asked to attend and represent my team/service 5%

Other 0%


Q. How would you rate the event in terms of meeting your expectations?

Very satisfied 50%

Satisfied 50%

Dissatisfied 0%

Very Dissatisfied 0%


Q. How likely is it that you will take at least one of the projects back to your own team/service to inform or influence a future change or development in practice?

Very Likely 61%

Somewhat Likely 33%

Unlikely 6%

Not applicable 0%