Patients Stories

Real-life stories and experiences from our patients

What our patients say about their care and experience of the Rehabilitation Network

We ask all of our patients how satisfied they are with the different aspects of our rehabilitation service. Questionnaires are completed at discharge from our Hub and Spoke Specialist Rehabilitation Units. The feedback we receive helps us to develop and improve our services both in individual units and Network-wide.  

We like to hear about patient stories and have a number of case studies which you can read on this website. Follow the links below to read them

This is what some of our patients and their relatives have said about our service.

“The care, support and treatment he received was outstanding. His treatment was always explained to us and staff would answer any questions or concerns and were always there to help. I most definitely trusted and had 100% confidence in all the care professionals.”
Relative from The Walton Centre’s Complex Rehabilitation Unit

“This is the type of service that all individuals with complex needs can benefit from. The service is the most person-centred I have ever observed. Very pleased with all treatment and conditions – thank you for giving me back my life.”
Patient from St Helens Hospital's Specialist Rehabilitation Unit – The Seddon Unit

“The staff have been kind and helpful and have been very impressed  with the level of care and rehabilitation. I was treated with respect.”
Patient from Broadgreen Hospital’s Specialist Rehabilitation Unit – The Phoenix Unit

“Fantastic care with a real emphasis on dignity.”
Patient from The Walton Centre’s Hyper Acute Rehabilitation Unit