The Cheshire and Merseyside Rehabilitation Network celebrates five year anniversary!

Professionals from a number of different backgrounds gathered at The Walton Centre today to celebrate five years of the Cheshire and Merseyside Rehabilitation Network (CMRN).

The Walton Centre, which hosts the network, held a showcase event this week to highlight the different aspects of the network. A number of activities took place on the day, including a market place showcasing the network, presentations from recovering patients and interactive sessions.

The CMRN was set up five years ago after it was recognised that by improving the trauma pathway in the region, a new pathway for patients with complex rehabilitation need was needed.

A number of specialities are involved in the network, from a range of therapists to hyper acute nursing staff.

The CMRN is the first of its kind in England, providing a coordinated pathway of care from hospital to community, which can be accessed by patients at any point in their rehabilitation journey. The network is dedicated to specialist rehabilitation based on need, not diagnosis, following traumatic injury or illness.

During the event patients and staff with experience of the network shared stories and learning about how much the network has changed since it began. There were also interactive sessions, where visitors could experience activities such as art and animal-assisted therapy – both widely used in the network. 

Network Manager Alison Price said: “It’s been fantastic to celebrate the network in this way! Everyone attending took something away from the event – be it an amazing patient story or a way of working that can be applied to their work within the network.

“The network is all about helping patients get the right treatment, rehabilitation and ultimately as much independence as possible to live as close to normal lives as possible. Here’s to another five years!”

David Holt from St Helens told visitors his story in a presentation at the beginning of the day. He contracted Guillian-Barré Syndrome in January 2018. He said: “It’s [the network] very good. They’ve done everything they can to help me. They’ve worked together to get me back on the road to normality.

“It would’ve been a lot harder without them! I don’t know where I would’ve gone or what to do.”

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