Watch our videos to hear more about what different team members do within the Rehab Network and listen to some of our patients talk about their experiences of rehabilitation.
The Road to Recovery film


Access to Rehabilitation, Your Point of Contact, Paul Buckley


Your Rehabilitation Coordinator, Megan Richardson  


Your Medical Care, Rehabilitation Consultant, Dr Shagufay Mahendran  


Your Nursing Care, Nurse Ward Manager, Caroline Tyndall   


Your Dietitian, Rachael Taylor  


Your Speech and Language Therapist     


Work and Education Support, Your Vocational Rehabilitation Therapist, Ray Langford


Your Occupational Therapist, Pip Wilford 


Your Physiotherapist, Beverley Webster   


Your Psychology Support, Dr Shelly Morris King


Patients' Stories

My Rehabilitation Journey, Victoria Parr


My Rehabilitation Journey, Alexander Bennett-Davies

My Rehabilitation Journey, Lee Sant

My Extended Rehabilitation Journey, Tommy Hankin and Michelle Kelly