What can I expect?

Our rehabilitation services provide specialist assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for adults following traumatic injury or illness, across a complete range of inpatient care, outpatients and community services. 

Rehabilitation is different for everyone.  It depends on a person’s injuries and what stage they are at in their recovery.  It sometimes begins in a hospital but sometimes it can start in the community.  Rehabilitation can take anything from a few weeks up to several years, depending on the patient's individual needs. 

On referral to the Rehabilitation Network you will be visited by a member of our Single Point of Contact Team who will discuss your rehabilitation needs, talk to you about our services and establish whether the Rehabilitation Network can help you.

If admitted to an in-patient unit you will receive medical, nursing and therapy support through carefully planned and individually tailored rehabilitation programmes.  You will meet your designated Rehabilitation Coordinator who will be your main contact for advice and support.

Wherever you receive your rehabilitaiton your specialist rehabilitation programme will be supported by a team of skilled professionals who can help you identify and agree achievable goals based on your ability and individual needs.  Rehabilitation works best if you and your family fully participate in your programme.  You will be supported and encouraged by your rehabilitation team.

Your rehabilitation goals will be reviewed as your needs change.  Rehabilitation can be a lengthy process that is not necessarily finished when you are discharged home.  Once you are home, other skilled professional teams in local settings may continue to work with you to help further develop your skills and abilities.

The benefits of rehabilitation

Rehabilitation can be of significant benefit to an individual who has experienced a traumatic injury or illness.

Rehabilitation addresses many of the difficulties and challenges experienced by individuals and incorporates their whole situation, taking into account how physical changes may impact on activities, emotions, and well-being.  

In rehabilitation, a team of specialists work together to address all aspects of an individual’s condition.  Their overall goal is to improve a person’s quality of life, maximising independence and outcomes.

What’s my role in my rehabilitation?  

Everyone’s road to recovery is different because it depends on many factors, such as the nature and degree of illness or injury.  As mentioned previously, rehabilitation care can take anything from a few weeks up to several years, depending on your individual needs.

Rehabilitation works best if you fully participate in your programme.  You will be invited to goal setting meetings to talk about your care and short and long term future goals and to ensure that the goals are personal to you.

Support from your family or carers through your rehabilitation journey can play an important role in providing encouragement and helping you to stay positive.

It can be a long process but your progress will be monitored and you will receive the right level of rehabilitation care at each stage of your recovery.